It's Not Your Cat... It's YOU!

The Cat Behaviourist's advice for keeping your indoor cats happy and avoiding behaviour problems!

As a cat guardian, would you like to know how your fur-baby thinks?

What about how to keep her happy and fulfilled, avoid problem behaviours, or fix them if they exist?

Would you also like to know the mistakes that I see in almost all of my consultations (that almost every cat owner makes)?

You're in the right place - keep reading!


Secrets From a Cat Behaviourist

200 pages, absolutely jam-packed with information on how cats think, why they behave the way they do, and how to keep them happy. All in an easy-to-read PDF format

I'm Chris O'Neil, a dedicated and certified cat behaviourist, and founder of Catology - Cat Behaviour Solutions.  

Before becoming a cat behaviourist, I became a surprise dad to 3 little rescue kittens when my girlfriend brought them home in a cardboard box.  And each of them were as unique as they were cute.

As they grew, so did my infatuation with them.  But along the way litterbox and aggression issues began to escalate, and my basic (at the time) knowledge of raising indoor cats just wasn't enough to truly make an impact.

I was desperate.  I thought my only options were the "unthinkables".   

If you're like me, you're willing to do anything to keep your family together.  

Fast forward many years, not only are my three fur-babies much older and living their best lives, but they inspired me to become a cat behaviourist and help loads of other cat families with their cat issues through Catology.


In almost all of my consultations, I see the same "mistakes" again and again. 


And guess what, it's highly likely you're making some of these mistakes...

I've now putting my certification and experience to further use, by writing a ebook that will guide and teach everything you need to know to keep indoor cats happy.


Whether you're a new cat owner just learning about your wonderful pet, or an owner currently dealing with some behaviour issues, this ebook is for you.

"Every indoor cat owner needs to read this"

- Rosemary, QLD

Just some of the things you'll discover in this comprehensive guide:


  Why your fur-baby is actually a little tiger at heart

✅  Why this tiger NEEDS an environment that allows for her natural behaviours

✅  The MOST important thing in your cat's life (HINT: it's not you)

✅  The 6 aspects of your cat's territory you NEED to nail to keep them fulfilled and avoid behaviour problems

✅  How to become a World Class cat body language interpreter

✅  The things you absolutely MUST DO to your home if you're considering getting a cat

✅  How to PROPERLY introduce a new cat to your home to avoid issues in the future

✅  How to FIX problem behaviours if they are already occurring (human and cat-directed aggression, litterbox avoidance, furniture destrcution, counter-surfing and annoying night-time behaviours)

I'm on a personal mission to stop euthanasia, unnecessary medication and rehoming for behavioural issues that can be avoided or fixed.

The information contained in this popular guide is so important that I want to make sure that as many cat guardians, like you, know how to properly care for their cats.

For this reason I've decided to offer it for HALF PRICE at ONLY $14.95 (for a very limited time).

Considering it would normally sell for $29.95, and the information it contains if worth much more than that (a happy cat is almost priceless for many owners!), this price is a steal.  Take this opportunity to grab it at this price!

Seriously - it's the cost of a few coffees!

"I loved your book! It told me so much about my cat and I have adjusted my own behaviour accordingly.""

- Robyn, VIC

What people are saying...


Would have paid 3 times more!

"I loved the book, very informative and easy to read. It has helped me immensely as I had a one year old adopted cat that would randomly attack my hands when I patted her. It’s only been a couple of days of putting the book into practice and already it’s working plus I’ve learnt so much more about the kitty in general. I’m a first time cat mum (always had dogs) and was doing a lot of things wrong and I now understand and am connecting with my girl on a whole new level. I highly recommend this book and it’s price is affordable however I would’ve paid it 3 times over to have learnt what I have."

- Candice, Gold Coast QLD


I thought I knew cats pretty well!

"I thought I knew cats pretty well and the book not only reinforced things I did know but I also definitely learnt more and it has helped me up understand my furry friend and will help me to provide a better environment for my puss cat!"

- Gemma, VIC


It's obvious Chris understands cat behaviour!

"I'm very happy to have found this book. It's obvious Chris not only understands cat behaviour but also respects them. I also have a whole new found respect for these intelligent, beautiful and at times crazy little tigers. I (and my cat) Highly recommend this book. No doubt I will be referring to it often!"

- Karen, SA

And the best part? It's risk-free!

DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee within 30 days

I'm so confident that you'll get value out of my ebook, that I'm going to do something I've hardly seen done before.

Sure, everyone is offering money back guarantees these days for unsatisfied customers... But have you ever seen DOUBLE your money back?  That's how convinced I am that all cat owners have this information.

So, if you get to the end of the book within 30 days, and you honestly didn't get value or you're not satisfied, just let me know and I'll (1) refund you the purchase price, and (2) transfer the same amount to your Paypal account (you'll need a Paypal account obviously) as an apology, no questions asked.

But I have a feeling you'll be too busy relishing in your new-found quality cat time!

In a few minutes from now, you could be on the way to creating a lifelong bond with your fur-baby

Grab a coffee, find a comfortable spot and learn exactly what you need to do to keep your cat happy, avoid problem behaviours, and fix them if they already exist!

Normal Price: $29.95 

On Sale:  $14.95

(SAVE 50%!)

This is a limited time offer. 

It's literally only a few coffees, and you get double your money back if you're not satisfied!

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